Arborists and Why You Need to Hire Them

Maybe it’s been a harsh, cold winter or a hot, dry summer and you’re wondering if that tree in your backyard is dead. Before it comes crashing down on your house, you should inspect it for signs of disease or deterioration. The best way to get the right answer about tree health is to contact your certified arborist and have that specialist look at it. The professional can help you determine if it presents any danger to humans or buildings. These are the signs to look for if you suspect a dead tree on your property.

Check the Base

Look closely at the base where the trunk enters the ground and the roots spread out into the ground. Do you see mushrooms growing on or near the base or trunk? Sometimes this can be a sign of poor health.

Do you see carpenter ants? These ants live in wood that is decaying or hollow, cutting passageways through the wood that allow them to move to various sections of the tree. If you watch these ants, you’ll likely also see the telltale sign of their work, a sawdust-like material called poop.

Do you see shoots coming out of the base? These shoots reveal a stressed tree, perhaps due to home construction damage or too much sun. A professional can evaluate the tree and determine if any of these signs are cause for concern or removal.

look at the trunk

Does the bark of the trunk look healthy or do you see vertical cracks and holes, with the bark peeling off the trunk? If you see areas where there is no bark, then you can tell that the tree is not getting the necessary nutrients in those places. The vessels that provide the nutrients live under the bark, so where there is no bark, the plant doesn’t get adequate nutrients. If you see significant damage, an arborist will likely recommend that the tree be removed.

Does the trunk seem hollow in places? Depending on how extensive Tibro the structural damage is, there may be a high risk of it falling over. In this case, the professional would probably recommend removal.

inspect the canopy

Do you see a lot of dead branches when you look up at the canopy? Depending on how many dead branches are apparent, an arborist might recommend pruning or removal. You will find it easier to see dead branches in the spring when new leaves are sprouting. If you notice that dead branches are located on only one side of the plant, it may be a sign of root or trunk problems on that side. A professional can help you decide the best way to treat the problem.

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