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The game still has great gameplay even after it has been in the market for so long. Since we added this baldurs gate pc game free download to our catalog init has already reached 20 downloads, and last week it had 1 download. Baldur’s Gate: Читать статью Edition is a full version game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Action. The developers have also made sure to keep updating the game regularly to improve the game and stay at par with all the latest available games in the market. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit.


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Free Download (v) » STEAMUNLOCKED – A Full Version Action game for Windows

Baldur’s Gate is easily the best computer game translation of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons universe at the time of release (). Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Free Download (v) PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Free Download (v) PC game with a direct GOG installer. One click install and play!


Baldurs gate pc game free download


A new playthrough requires the player to either create a new player character PC , or import one they exported from a previous playthrough. Every new character requires the player to determine what their name, gender, race, class, and alignment are, and what ability scores and weapon proficiencies they have, with thieves requiring points be allocated between their thieving skills, and spellcasters having a few spells set up for them – those using priest spells have them available for use from the start, while those using wizard spells add them to their spellbook and have one primed for use at the start of a new game.

New PCs can be multi-class, but must adhere to the restrictions that come from this, in accordance to the 2nd edition rules; a character who is both a cleric and a fighter, may only use weapons of the former class. The game’s main story is divided up into eight parts – a prologue and seven chapters – with each requiring the player to complete a specific task in order to complete it; while free exploration of the game’s world map is allowed from the outset upon completing the prologue, some areas are not accessible until the player has advanced to a specific chapter.

With the exception of imported characters, all PCs begin off as weak characters from the start, but eventually grow stronger as the player explores the game’s world, completing both the major quests and the game’s large variety of side quests, killing hostile enemies, earning experience points to level up their character, finding new spells to use and new pieces of equipment to wear, and recruiting a variety of companions, each with different classes and skills, to aid them in their travels.

And while Baldur’s Gate is broken into chapters which occur as certain tasks are completed, with so many sub-quests provided, you do not have to address the major problems of each chapter right away. Interacting with characters is where your charisma and party’s reputation really pays off.

For example, at one point you meet a noble in the woods who is afraid of a bear. Killing that bear would result in a simple thanks if your character has low charisma, but, if your character has a high enough charisma that same noble will give you a pair of boots. While exploring, battles will take place in real-time, but the game can be paused to give characters orders, giving the game a turn-based feel.

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