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Bejeweled 3 Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. Bejeweled 3, free and safe download. Bejeweled 3 latest version: A relaxing game for stressful days. Bejeweled 3 is a Windows game where users must ma.

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Rating: 4. View 10 Player Ratings. Rate this game Edit your rating. Bejeweled 3 is an innovative puzzle game that provides you with an addictive and challenging gaming experience. With a variety of gameplay options and challenges, this game will appeal to a large and diverse audience. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, are looking for an entertaining way to fill a long or short period of time, love tile-matching puzzle games or simply enjoy games that keep you engaged from beginning to end, the highly addictive gameplay of Bejeweled 3 will have you wondering where the hours went.

Bejeweled 3 challenges you to match three or more gems of the same color. You are presented with a grid of different colored jewels, and your goal is to clear the board by creating groups of at least three like-colored gems. To accomplish this, you can swap any gem with one that is located above, below, or beside it. If you perform a particularly awesome move that awards you with many points, you have the option to replay the move and the dazzling explosion that it creates, via the instant replay button.

Every time you match a group of gems, they explode and new gems drop onto the board from the top. If any of these jewels form a match when they land on the board, a cascade occurs.

This is a type of chain reaction that can cause multiple cascades to occur if numerous rows of gems are matched. The gems on the board in Bejeweled 3 consist of seven colors, including purple, orange, blue, white, red, green and yellow. Unless you create a match containing a special gem, all gems are scored the same. There are varieties of special gems that can appear on the board based on how many jewels you can match at once:.

Overall, Bejeweled has eight game modes for you to choose from. There are four game modes that are available to play immediately, and there are four that you must unlock by completing various challenges within the four main modes. Each mode provides you with a different way to experience the game. Classic mode is the standard form of gameplay in Bejeweled 3 and the most traditional way to play the game. It consists of the basic form of gameplay in which you swap pairs of gems in an effort to create lines of matched jewels.

This mode is untimed and you can take as much time as you like to devise your strategy for clearing the board and maximizing the number of points you receive. Classic mode ends when there are no more moves to make. If you would like to relax and play Bejeweled in a no-pressure format, Zen mode is the option to choose. Since new gems are constantly being added to the board, there is no end to this mode and you can play for as long as you prefer.

The unique feature of Zen mode is that you can customize your experience by choosing from one of the many audio-visual effects in the options menu. These options include:. Quest mode offers a more structured progression and lets you solve a series of 40 mini-games.

This mode differs from the standard mode of play, since you complete a specific objective before the quest can be completed. Each stage offers you a number of challenges with increasing difficulty.

Examples of quests you can complete include matching 80 gems before the board completely fills up, clearing gems in less than 20 moves, finding buried treasure and destroying bombs on the board. This game mode will appeal to you if you like more variety and a bit of a challenge.

Lightning mode is a fast paced, high-pressure game mode. In comparison to Classic and Zen mode, lightning mode is timed and your game will end when the time expires. This mode begins with one minute on the clock and your goal is to add time by matching gems that can add either five or 10 seconds to your total time.

It is not possible to run out of moves; however, since new gems will consistently drop into the board. Each of the four secret modes can be unlocked after you have reached a specific benchmark in Classic, Zen, Quest or Lightning mode.

For example, you can unlock a secret mode by getting to level five in Classic mode or scoring , points in Lightning mode. You can also be awarded badges for completing certain actions in the game. As you complete more challenging actions, the badges improve from bronze, silver, gold and platinum. You can earn badges by performing actions such as clearing a specific number of special gems, reaching a variety of total point values and reaching certain levels.

She is currently obsessed with obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible and the latest, greatest computer games. Bejeweled is one of the most beloved puzzle games of all time, and for good reason. In many ways, Bejeweled is the perfect puzzle game. It’s bright, beautiful and easy to learn, yet it offers substantial rewards for players who are willing to learn fancy moves and skillful play. Does this third installment manage to bring something new to the table, or is it the same old formula all over again?

Read on to find out! The core puzzle style is unchanged from the other titles in the Bejeweled series. This will be a con for some, but the majority of players will appreciate their favorite puzzle game remaining unadulterated. The concept of the puzzle is pretty straightforward. Shiny gems are presented on a grid, and players are invited to make matches of three or more by swapping adjacent gems on the board. The grid is upright, so new gems perpetually fall to replace the ones cleared from the board.

Things get fancy when matches of four or more are made, or when matches are passively made as a result of gems settling back into place on the board. For example, matching four gems makes a flame gem that creates a powerful explosion when cleared from the board.

Matching five gems makes a star gem which lasers all jewels in a cross pattern on the board. It’s literally a blast. The faster you move and the more skillfully you play, the higher the score. It’s one of the most addicting puzzle games ever. The concept of Bejeweled is gorgeous; match beautiful, brightly colored gems to make brilliant matches, and enjoy the occasional explosion of glitter and magic when you score particularly sweet moves.

It’s eye candy at its best! Bejeweled 3 takes the visual presentation of this concept to a brand new level with smoother, brighter graphics, making this the most spectacular installment of Bejeweled yet. The new, crisper sound complements these HD graphics perfectly, too. There is nothing quite like the fanfare during a particularly lucky round.

The sound effects, music and voice-over gives an epic vibe that’s exciting and intense. It’s a fabulous upgrade from the previous installment. The backgrounds in Bejeweled 3 are artistically crafted with a strong fantasy vibe, and they aren’t static either. The beautiful scenes in the background will animate and move during rounds, making them an enchanting distraction to behold.

However, if the background is too interactive for your taste, these animations may be turned off. I kept them on because I’m a sucker for gorgeous scenery, but it’s nice to have the option to turn them off. Players start out with four modes, and four additional modes are available for unlocking. Many times, game modes are token offerings that aren’t worth playing more than once or twice, but not so with this game.

These game modes really add something to this title, making Bejeweled 3 stand out from the crowd. This is the puzzle that made Bejeweled a household name. Make matches until there are no more moves on the board. There is no time limit here, and the focus is on racking up the points. Now you’re on the clock!

Make as many matches as possible within the time limit. Collecting time gems adds time to the clock, giving players the extra breathing room they need to reach their goal. It’s fast, furious and addictive! This mode gives players goals that must be achieved before progressing from level to level. This gives the game a greater sense of progression, and it also provides players the opportunity to strategize. This mode is all about relaxation and wellness.

Zen is an endless game mode designed to bring players into a state of tranquility and peace. Bejeweled 3 has upped the ante by adding the following options to Zen mode:. Breath Modulation – This option cues players to breathe in and breathe out in a solid, steady pattern while playing Zen mode. It’s surprisingly hard to play the game and keep up with the suggested breathing patterns. I never realized how often I held my breath while playing this game!

Ambient Sounds – This option adds soothing sounds to the mix, encouraging relaxation. The calming lull of seagulls paired with an endless barrage of gems is an interesting satisfying experience. Other nature sounds include rain, waterfall, crickets and forest. Binaural Beats – Binaural training programs cost a pretty penny, but Bejeweled 3 has included binaural beats as an add on to their Zen mode.

The jury is out on whether or not binaural brainwave conditioning actually works, but having them available in this game gives anyone the chance to give them a whirl for themselves.

The game warns players to do so at their own risk though:. True binaural beats only work with stereo headphones, and many so-called “binaural” beats are phony, but the ones in Bejeweled 3 are legit. If you listen to only one side of the headphones, a single tone is played with no beat or pulsation present.

The same is true for the other side. When both are listened to together, a pulsing beat is suddenly perceived, and this is a binaural beat. There really is no beat in the sound itself; the brain creates the pulsation as it attempts to make sense of the two incoming sounds of different frequencies.

Listening to binaural beats can be quite boring since they aren’t remotely musical.


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The classic Bejeweled gameplay mode from previous installments of the game.


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Gameplay The core objective of Bejeweled 3 is similar to the previous installments in the series. If you want to get more points, you fre match 4 jewels instead of the standard 3.

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