Don’t Play This Online Game

As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of games being played on internet dating sites. But there are some games that I absolutely refuse to play. I hope you do the same:

I don’t play the “dominant/submissive” game. This is where the person you just met online starts making demands on you. Usually really stupid stuff. (“Before you go to bed, I want you to email me and tell me exactly what you’re going to wear to work. Including underwear”) or (“I’ll tell you what I have in the fridge I need you to tell me what you want me to have for dinner, okay?”) Since I know I’m not interested in the whole “dominant/sub” game, I refuse to communicate with this person any further.

I don’t play the “what can you do for me?” game. This is when the person tries to assume the role of “online pimp”. The conversation always leads to what other women are willing to do to be with them. I immediately tell them…”this is where I get off. Please don’t contact me again.” That’s it.

I don’t play the “Life has been so hard on me! I hope you are the person who makes my life worth living!” play. This person is emotionally damaged and needs professional เว็บแทงบอล help. I am not online to rehabilitate people who have emotional problems. I suggest you unplug and get the help you desperately need. All communication stops here…immediately!

I don’t do the “life is one big party.” play. This person lives for the party. They do not take life and their responsibilities seriously. They have no problem not showing up for work because they partied all night the night before! They have missed a couple of car payments so they are parking their car in different places to stop the repo man. They have been given an eviction notice, but none of this has stopped them from partying. They openly brag about how many DUI’s they have received. If you are a mature adult looking for a mature adult relationship, avoid these people at all costs.

Before you get seriously involved with online dating, you need to spot losers just like you do offline. And once you detect them? Refuse all contact. Ignore instant messages and emails. Eventually, they will go away. In the meantime, go find the one worthy of you… Good luck!

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