It has already been established that lutein is essential, but dosage for lutein (the right one) should be incorporated. So if you are planning on taking this kind of supplement, you might want to read on to know more about this nutrient and its recommended daily dosage.

Why should we take lutein?
Lutein is present virtually everywhere that is naturally colored green, yellow and orange. You can pretty much eat squash, spinach, oranges-feast on it while enjoying the benefits of lutein.

A reasonable supply of this nutrient can significantly prevent eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Go without lutein and expect yourself to be legally blind in a few years.

Why should we take supplements with lutein?
Now that you know lutein is essential in the truest sense of the word, why do you need to take supplements? Why not just take it from its most natural sources: fruits and vegetables?

Nutritionist would give you an award for not being such a nit-picker RAD 140 benefits when it comes to food. But fact is, most people could just not care less with the taste of some green leafy vegetables and some yellow-ish and orange-y fruits. We could not hold that against them for we are born with different palates.

And with the everyday hustle and bustle of our life, it is almost impossible to provide a balanced diet to ourselves or to our family members-almost. Because now, there are supplements to back up your deficiencies.

What supplement should we be taking? What is the right dosage?
Lutein dosage actually varies from one supplement to another. Your lutein recommended dosage depends on your needs. If you are suffering from vision problems, a higher lutein daily dosage is needed. But if you just want to take this for maintenance purposes, a lower dosage is substantial.

You might want to consult your nutritionist or your physician for a higher dosage of this essential nutrient. This wa

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