Impact Of Celebrity On Teenagers

Celebrities can have both positive,Guest Posting as well as a negative impact on teenagers as celebrities, have a very powerful impact on how teenagers view themselves and how teenagers see the rest of the world.

Negative effects of celebrities on youth:-

Mostly people of various age groups are somehow affected by celebrity lifestyle, but the age group on which celebrities have a great impact is teenagers. Many teens in this world choose celebrities as their role models and this can have a negative The latest trending topics impact on their lives.

Media puts a permanent image in our minds that we have to achieve celebrity-like beauty and celebrity like physique and many teenagers who fail in getting a celebrity a physique either get depressed or start injecting themselves with steroids which have a very harmful impact on their physical as well as mental health.

Celebrities positive influence on youth:-

Many celebrities have a powerful and positive impact on teenagers. Some celebrities who are involved in doing charity or raising money for injured people and financially helping people with low incomes have a good impact on teenagers as they influence and motivate the youth to do good for others.

A teenager may also develop good hygiene habits from a particular celebrity he/she admires. On the other hand, many celebrities who are good at various skills and sports, empower teenagers to learn something new and interesting which would also add to their knowledge.

Reasons why celebrities are good role models :-

Education oriented:

Various celebrities like SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT, KRITI SANON, and SOHA ALI KHAN have inspired so many teenagers towards education. Despite of facing extreme challenges, these celebrities never backed down from their education. Their immense work in the field of education is greatly admired by a large number of teenagers.

Environmental safety oriented:-

Many celebrities participate in environmental safety projects and motivate teenagers for doing the same. They make teenagers aware of the safety and protection of the environment.

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