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Cancel Submit. Then, you could save it in your drive. Issues with meeting recordings. Our organization has to record affidavits that need to be notarized. I don’t want a link, I want my own copy of the video.

Teams recording download mp4 – teams recording download mp4.How to download record video from Microsoft Teams


Note: Please follow the steps in our documentation to enable e-mail notifications if you want to receive the related email notification for this thread. LizScaggs Do you have any further question on this topic now?

LizScaggs I’m happy that you have figured out this question. If you have any other questions, it is welcome to discuss with us here. Have a nice day! Hi LizScaggs ,. When you are in the meeting, there is a way to launch the record and in the ending, you got the link. Then you can download the video record and copy it in your personal drive.

Basically, if you don’t have a Stream license the recording will not be uploaded automatically in Stream but will end up in Azure Media. Available for 21 days.

When you record a meeting you always get a meeting recording link when finished, look in the chat. If a channel meeting, it’s going to be in the channel conversation.

ChristianBergstrom — the help article is detailed in every way except for answering the core question of “where is my recording? When we did this same thing 2 weeks ago, we simply clicked “Download” and the file appeared in the “Downloads” folder. I’m not sure what value Streams brings. I simply want my local recording as I’ve previously been able to download from Teams. I don’t believe I even have access to Azure Media.

Switching to Zoom for important recordings, because this error just cost us dearly the opportunity to appear on a nationally televised News channel. Tyoung25 Why dont you read my reply above once more. It’s all there. Answer the questions as well. You can’t expect people community folks to assist when you engage in a conversation with that kind of approach. Play and share a meeting recording in Teams – Office Support microsoft. Record a meeting in Teams – Office Support microsoft.

Did you have a similar issue? With error message: Recording failed to Upload No possibility to get the video file. Is there any other place where the video can be found? We use Microsoft Share Point to save our files too and we want to make sure the recording can be saved to the share point file. Well, you can : once the recording has been processed, it is available in Microsoft Stream and from there you can download it in MP4 format and upload it to a SharePoint site if you wish.

One precision though : a more O compliant approach would be to store the link to the video on MS Stream instead of duplicating the content to SharePoint ; I hope this helps clarify my point.

Best regards, Fouziya. Can you give me directions on how to do this? I have been trying to do this but no one can open it once I cut and copy it to an email address. Ok, can you tell me at what step you get stucked?

Do you receive the notification from Stream with the link to the recording? Yes I get the notification from Stream with the link to the recording. I then go to Stream to look for the recording. I have tried sharing the video which can be seen by those who need to see it, but I cannot figure out how to save or share it to SharePoint. I have tried copying and pasting it to an email and when the recipient gets the email they are able to click on the link and open it. Our management wants it saved to Share Point so it can be forwarded to an attorney or court if someone questions the validity of the recording.

Our organization has to record affidavits that need to be notarized. We have decided to use Teams Meeting to set up a meeting, we then share our screens to watch the person signing the affidavit, then start to record the document signing. We stop recording once all signatures are obtained.

We are trying to save it to Share Point where it will be included in the complete file. Add the video to a Teams conversation by selecting Attach beneath the compose box. Or share the recording any other way you choose. Record a meeting. Issues with meeting recordings. Delete a meeting recording. Edit a recording transcript. Microsoft Teams. Play and share a meeting recording in Teams. Microsoft Teams More Important: If your org is still using Microsoft Stream not OneDrive and SharePoint to store recordings and you are a meeting owner, you can change permissions and allow people without access to view a meeting recording.

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Play and share a meeting recording in Teams

Download a meeting recording · Go to the meeting recording in the chat history and select More options More options button · On the Microsoft Stream portal. I am looking forward a solution to download those recordings of meeting as a mp4 file for review thereafter. Normally I just received a link and play the.


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