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Landscape Furniture. Intermediate Beginner. Modelling Services. CatchUp Fre. Unread posts New posts Active topics. This is also where you can download the RBZ file.

FredoCorner also includes a Repair tool to undo any generated shape rounding. FredoCorner – Relezse Tool. You need to be a Member to view images or to make downloads.

Last edited by fredo6 on Sun Jan 16, am, edited 58 times in total. Fantastic work, Fredo! Thank you! What a herculean effort by Fredo.

It has to do with creating a soft continuity between normals as the surface moves around a corner. The result of using squircles is you don’t get strong highlight artifacts at the borders between flat surfaces and the beginning of a bevel.

I don’t know of any other bevelling tools in poly modelers that can do this without having to approximated with SubD geometry. Great work!

Modifiers are extremely powerful and capable design tools, allowing users to change designs long after the fact. Nice job! Too many times has SU been limited for me sketchup pro 2018 release date free create industrial designs based sketchup pro 2018 release date free the lack of a really robust bevelling toolkit.

This fixes all of that! This is a truly unique feature and not one I believe is represented anywhere else in the world. Just amazing! IOW, FredoCorner would become a true modifier, and attempt to apply the bevel at the group level after the group or component has been edited. Side note: I’ve been working a lot lately in Blender, and I use their modifiers now all the time in modeling. It really helps the design process because I can go back and forth quickly.

I’ll share more in a different thread. Thanks very much Fredo for a magnificent tool! Sketchup pro 2018 release date free I heard from the Blender bevel tool developer after one of my videos, and he told me YOU inspired him as he began work on the Blender bevel tool. Currently working with Cross-Reality technologies. Dzte of Blender evangelism videos will get obsolete 1. Keeping fingers crossed, Will ‘inverse profile’ mode work with edges that lay on flat areas?

Essentially it would mean so long awaited Groove maker. Thank you soo much for this. I’m soo exited. No Beta test period? Frenchy Pilou Is beautiful that please without concept! My Little site :. Thank you so much for this new extension!

Thanks alot for the videos. Sketchup pro 2018 release date free the preview mode is great! Thank you!! Rounding complex geometry will be so much easier! Will the “undone адрес страницы be discarded or will it restore to the original geometry, discarding the modifications in the meantime?

Posts: 3 22018 Wed Feb 10, pm Name: damj. Thank you for this! One thing I forgot to mention it’s now done in the main post is that FredoCorner will become a paid plugin after a months beta period. It will also only support SU and above.

RoundCorner will continue to exist and be supported as a free plugin. Thank you, thank you, thank you Fredo! This is a incredible tool and it’s very useful to make the complex shapes more realistic, thanks for your efforts. This really looks fantastic. Great work. Thank you very much! Re: [Plugin] FredoCorner – Preview by numerobis » Wed Sep 05, am fredo6 wrote: I take the idea of the Modifier, which was my initial goal, but is more complex to do.

If you can store this rounding information with the object, would it be possible fre implement material IDs on this level? Re: [Plugin] FredoCorner – v1. Requirement : LibFredo6 8. Please report 201, questions and any feedback in the present thread Home Page of FredoCorner for по ссылке and Download.

Main post of this FredoCorner thread. Last edited by fredo6 on Fri Frwe 07, pm, edited 1 time in total. Re: [Plugin] FredoCorner – Preview by numerobis » Fri Sep 07, am fredo6 wrote: What do you mean exactly by storing “material id”. Board index. Who is online. Users browsing this forum: a, Bing [Bot]dpaulOliverkant12 and 8 guests. Services Shop Advertise with us. The reason is that FredoCorner will become a paid plugin with a trial version after a month free period.

FredoCorner – Toolbar – Video Here is a short video by Aaron, member of the Sketchup team. It gives an overview sketchup pro 2018 release date free the main functions. Video Here is a shorter and older video, just giving a quick preview about the rounding of triangulated shapes.

Sketchup pro 2018 release date free not like if Sketchup had a full parametric framework! Actualy, there is absolutely nothing. Once a shape is rounded, that would be fine to move it, scale it, etc Repair will work and keep the transformation. However, if modify the shape, Repair will re-establish the original shape at it was when you did the Rounding. So your changes will be lost, including material painting and edge properties. I take the idea frde the Modifier, which was my initial goal, but is more complex to do.

So consider Repair as a safety net at the moment. That would be useful. A real modifier system re,ease SU would be great. Maybe if some of you plugin geniuses could join together to get Trimble to at least rlease this effort, if it would be possible with some modifications in the SU code.

Based on the experience of the last years i think we won’t see any real improvements of SU in the near future, but maybe there would be a way to extend the capability in rrelease of payed extentions that go deeper than the current plugins. What do привожу ссылку mean exactly by storing “material id” Fredo PS: The modifier concept is difficult to implement in Sketchup, native or within extension, because Sketchup does not track the operations, except locally in the Undo stack, but anyway not with the parameters and description of what has been done.

So I am afraid sketchup pro 2018 release date free – a modifier system would require you use its framework for everything you do in SU grasshopper approach – or you have very specialized modifiers for some functions provided by extensions, as I may sketchup pro 2018 release date free up with with FredoCorner. Then you could have a set of lines with assigned materials and they will be applied to the extruded faces. Combined with an automatic generation of mapping coordinates that follow the extrusion like it is already possible in ThruPaint, sketchup pro 2018 release date free could be really helpful i think video 2.


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