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Virtua Cop 2 a. Virtua Squad 2 is a faithful PC port of SEGA’s arcade hit of the same name, a “rail shooter” played from a first-person perspective, except this time you no longer download vcop2 for windows 10 shoot with the arcade gun.

Virtua Cop 2 follows the lives download vcop2 for windows 10 three officers and their exploits in the field of crime fighting. You can only play this game with up to two players, though. The graphics in this game easily surpasses those of the original Virtua Download vcop2 for windows 10. Instead of gangsters who look like they are all related, there are many different kinds enemies, including soldiers, the cargo loader from Aliensand even George Michael well, someone who looks like him anyway.

These characters know their parts well and always get to their entrances on time. They even fall off buildings and crash through conveniently placed wooden crates. The details are also very well done.

For example, the enemies react differently depending on where you hit them. Shoot them in the groin and they will fall forward, clutching themselves in agony. Shoot them in the head, and you will see it snap and the body fall backward in realistic motion. There are also many more interactive backgrounds than in the first game: you can crash windows, lighting fixtures, or even make cars jackknife across the road by shooting their tires.

Although the graphics are a bit out-of-date especially compared adobe acrobat 3d aktivieren free 3D-accelrated marvels today, the details of polygons and their animations in Virtua Cop 2 are download vcop2 for windows 10 second to none. The big “gunsight” is carried forward from Virtua Cop into this sequel.

Although I find it a tad too big and annoying, it becomes necessary to leave it on, especially when there are multiple enemies on the screen at once. Download vcop2 for windows 10 the gunsight, you won’t know which one to shoot first. Anyone who likes a steep challenge can turn the gunsight off in the options menu. A welcome new feature in Virtua Cop 2 is the ability to choose between two different paths per level. Similar to House of The Deadthis adds considerably replayability to the game, although the levels in Virtua Cop 2 are disappointingly short and the alternate paths aren’t too different they converge towards the end of each level anyway so you can meet the ‘boss’ enemy.

Overall, I find Virtua Cop 2 to be fun and entertaining while it lasts, although the replayability could have been much better.

Games like this are fine in the arcades, where you can spend a dollar for a few games and then walk away. Here, you’re being asked to spend forty dollars well, zero now, since SEGA has long discontinued the PC version for a game that has only three levels.

Although the graphics is excellent and the game has a download vcop2 for windows 10 feel to it even when played with a mouse, Virtua Cop 2 isn’t really worthy of our Top Dog tag due to the game’s brevity and repetitive gameplay.

If you like rail shooters, House of the Dead series offer much more value for your gaming time. Screenshots from MobyGames. LesterM 0 point. Only the rip version works for me Win It has no music. I played this back on from my dad pc. I played it so much i can still remember some of the secret spots. ThePhillyOG -4 points. This plays lame gangta rap from the early s in the background at an absolutely ridiculously loud level, and there’s no way to turn it off.

Gary 3 points. Neezu 2 points. APU -1 point. The L3rNa3aN 0 point. I first played this in a pay-to-play game zone in a multiplex when I was 5. I later began playing it when I was in 4th grade. I felt like taking a small trip down the memory lane, so I got it here. A 1 point. Df9e 0 point. Sujan Chakma 0 point. Taha 0 point. AJ 0 point. Shayzi Download vcop2 for windows 10 0 point.

Ian 1 point. Very Perfect Game. I Downloaded It. And The Game Actually Works!!! Download vcop2 for windows 10 0 point. MaxChemical 1 point. XD24 0 point. Weiss 0 point. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. If you have trouble to run Virtua Cop 2 Windowsread the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

Various files to help you run Virtua Cop 2, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Download 12 MB. Captures and Snapshots Windows. See older comments Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. Send comment. Download Virtua Cop 2 We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Just one click to download at full speed! Windows Version. Fix download 4gb windows free pro 10 installer 2 MB. Similar games Fellow retro gamers download vcop2 for windows 10 downloaded these games: Virtua Cop Win Virtua Fighter 2 Download vcop2 for windows 10 Virtua Fighter Remix Win Cyber Troopers Virtual On Win The House of the Dead Win Follow Us! Top downloads.

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Download vcop2 for windows 10


I love Virtua Cop , but Virtua Cop 2 is where it is really at. Well, one episode had this dude he was the best Virtua Cop 2 player in the world, he was so good that he was able to play on two machines at once.

So, once you have read this review, been inspired to play Virtua Cop 2 go and watch that dude play two machines at once! Once again, two cops stand in between a peaceful city and a city full of bad guys, running guns, taking hostages, and getting up to all kinds of no good. Fleshed out may be going a tad far, but it does have a bit more cinematic flair to it this time around. The presentation has been given a shot in the arm, I am not percent sure, but it does feel like Sega used a lot more polygons this time around as things do have a smoother look to them.

The game still has that unmistakable mid to late 90s Sega 3D look about it though. The core gameplay of Virtua Cop 2 has not really undergone any changes. That is not a bad thing as I felt that Sega really nailed it with the first game. You once again, need to shoot bad guys to progress through the stages. You can also once again, disarm them instead of killing them for a really cool bonus.

Once you have beaten these, you then have one final boss battle that you need to do in order to beat the game. What I feel makes this a better game than the first is the fact that you now have choices to make as you play. During gameplay, you will be given the option of what way you want to go. This not only makes things much more exciting, but it also gives you an incentive to go back and play the game multiple times so that you can see all the different areas that the game has to offer.

You once again have a small number of lives and you can earn more by getting bonuses as you play. Bonuses can also be more powerful weapons that you can use to put those bad guys in their pace.

I love the original game, but I have to be honest and say that Virtua Cop 2 is the better game. The overall presentation of the game is better, it feels a bit more fast-paced and I like how there is more to the game overall. It is a shallow experience, but it is always a fun time, no matter how many times you play through it. If you have a Sega Saturn, then percent, this is a game that has to be in your collection. In a time where not everybody owned a home console, the places called Arcades were all the rage.

You could go there with your friends and enjoy all kinds of games for a reasonable price, and that-s where Virtua Cop 2 came from. Even though it was originally an arcade game, we’ll be talking about the home port of the game. Nowadays people don’t go that much to the Arcades, but they still do exist, and new games are released there every day.

But let’s see what these games were capable of two and a half decades ago. In Virtua Cop 2 we get to choose from three different offices and we’ll go through their different missions on the field.

This is a rail-shooting game , which means we’ll be on rails and we’ll only control where to aim and shoot our gun. Proceed through the different levels shooting all kinds of criminals and going through extreme shootings.

Since this game started up on arcade machines, there are some trade-offs when it comes to playing it at home. For instance the lack of a game cage or screen with gun-like controls. In an arcade, you could just aim with the special controllers at the screen and pull the triggers.

Of course, the best thing about having it on your own PC would be having it at home to play whenever you want. Virtua Cop 2 is a great title, with extreme experiences and a nice difficulty curve. But it’s definitely not the best shooter on rails available. When you compare it with more popular arcade titles like The House of the Dead, this game falls short on imagination.

There are more explosions here, and in a way, you could say that there’s more action here. But the visuals and the intensity of the experience is superior in The House of the Dead. Still, we know that horror games are not for everybody, and The House of the Dead is certainly a spooky title. So, if you’re not a fan of horror, this was an excellent game for you. This is a worthy sequel to the original title, no matter how you look at it.

There are new mechanics in the game that make the experience feel much more interactive, even though you never really control the action. This game took everything that made the first game great to the next level.

The animations and visuals are improved, and the overall map-design is much better. There are even bosses at the end of each level, and once you finish all the levels you’ll have to face a final boss.

The game is a nice experience on PC, but it certainly is much better if you get to play it on the original arcade machine. Graphics and visuals: The game looks great, especially taking into account that it was released in The 3D models and levels come with greatly improved animations too. The explosions and shooting effects look great, and it adds up for a solid visual experience. Gameplay: As we mentioned before, the game experience is far superior when you get to play it on an arcade machine.

But it’s not terrible playing it on PC, instead of aiming with a gun to the screen, you move your mouse and shoot. It can be more precise too. In each level, there are about two different paths to choose from so you can explore the levels more diversely. It adds a little replayability to the game,. Sound: The sound is just there. In arcades it wasn’t really that important since you’d be in a loud place anyway.

So it’s no surprise that the soundtrack is just basic for an action game. So are the sound effects, they’re not bad, they’re just there.

I’m so glad that I will soon have another game that uses the gun I bought with the first Virtua Cop! The gun itself is so cool it that seems like a shame to waste it on only one title. Actually, there are quite a few others coming from third parties, but none has the big name-recognition that this coin-op big boy packs. Virtua Cop 2 takes a quantum leap ahead of the first game, and it’s coming to blow you away.

Last year, the original Virtua Cop helped the Saturn to enjoy a healthy Christmas season and drove parents nuts with kids shooting people on their TV sets. This year promises more of the same, except for the fact that Sega needs to make more of the VC guns available, hopefully at a lower price, Virtua Cop 1 puts you In all-new police situations, including an Insane car chase and bank hold-up,This sequel is much tougher than Vlnua Cop and will, we hope, feature more bonus options than its predecessor.

The enemies are more varied now. There is no rest for law enforcement’s finest. Before the Dreamcast was released, much speculation was made about whether Sega would release a “Sega Ages” collection chock-full of Model 2 classics. After all, Sega’s Bit monster had specs that surpassed even the Model 3 board. There’s a little good news, and a lot of bad news. The good news is that we now have another game that uses our dusty DC light guns.

That’s right, VC2 is a PC port. Sure, the graphics have been touched up a bit from the PC game mainly texture quality and frame-rate , but not much else has been enhanced. If you’ve never played VC2 before, go check out this game–in an arcade. VC2 is out now in japan. Browse games Game Portals. Virtua Cop 2. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher.

Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. View all 40 Virtua Cop 2 Screenshots. Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 8. About the game In Virtua Cop 2 we get to choose from three different offices and we’ll go through their different missions on the field. King of rail shooters? Review This is a worthy sequel to the original title, no matter how you look at it.

It adds a little replayability to the game, Sound: The sound is just there. Overall rating: 7. The House of The Dead 3. The Typing of the Dead.

GameFabrique Dreamcast, Saturn.


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